Google: Gmail Allows To Make Phone Calls From Computer

On Wednesday Google Inc. has launched its new service Google voice for Gmail users. Now users can make free calls to any landline or mobile numbers in United states and Canada at least for this year.

To use this service in other countries you have to pay 2 cent for a minute of a call. Google’s new feature Google Voice uses VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to transfer call to servers. It uses the same basic concept the other web servers use to transmit or to receive data or information.

Here the VoIP uses the data service whose data just happens to be voice.

Regarding the quality or clarity of call is concerned, it was found somewhat average.

But before the Google’s new service SKYPE was the considered as the best VoIP client which allows users to make unlimited calls from Skype- to- Skype and you have to pay around $15 dollars if you want to make unlimited calls in the whole world.

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