Utorrent Now Available For Linux Based OS

After apparent release of utorrent version for Mac OS, now this great bit torrent download manager is available for Linux based OS, the utorrent client is small, compact but very powerful torrent downloader client.

Utorrent has a WebUI feature which is currently available for windows based computers. It has a features which helps to control your computer remotely from other computer located anywhere in the world, but it is possible only if your computer is not behind the firewall and you should know the IP address of your computer, Basically WebUI works by setting a server on your computer which can be access from any other computer, for the Linux based OS, WebUI comes with limited access.

The new utorrent 3.0 which is coming soon is looking to be promising and it has a major intelligent feature which has the power to change the whole experience of utorrent.

The first major change in torrent is sharing torrents which features “send torrent” which directly inserts your torrent file to the utorrent downloader. To enable this just right click on the open torrent and select send torrent.

Another change is addition of Apps framework which is built using HTML and JavaScript. Which includes a group of network which provides free content for torrent?

Besides the small size we are looking further to see the brilliant application in near future.


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