How To Access Deleted Photos On Facebook [Updated]

If by mistake you have deleted some of the photo’s or entire photo album which you had uploaded earlier to your Facebook account, and now you don’t have the backup of those pictures. So, here I am going to tell you how to get back those deleted images.

The trick that I am going to tell will actually work only for limited period of time and you need to have the copy of URL address of the photo.
How To Access Deleted Photos On Facebook
Basically,when you upload a picture to Facebook, the Facebook offers you a URL at the bottom of each photo, there is also a URL address for whole of the album, so if you know the URL address then those deleted pictures can be easily made accessible.

How it works?

When you upload a picture, share a video or any link on Facebook, then that content is equally shared by Content Distribution Network (CDN) on Facebook server all over the world, which basically stores multiple copies of that content on different servers around the globe so to make those pictures,video’s easily and more quickly accessible in your region.

However, when you delete your photos from your acount, despite them being removed from view, if you still have the image’s direct URL address then it may still be accessible for a period of time.

So, If you want to get any picture back which you have uploaded earlier  then you may can try this trick.

Update[26 OCT 2011]: As, I checked this trick few days back and it was not working because Facebook has made many changes to it and now if you accidently delete any pictures,it gets removed by Facebook at the same time hence the URL trick doesn’t work.

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    • Hi Lamia,
      Due to recent changes that were made to Facebook, you cannot get back those deleted photos because Facebook clears the cache files immediately as you delete any image from your account. So, it is impossible to get back them. Sorry !!

  2. you can still get the image back, if it is in your News feed or someone’s wall. if you click on the image one the wall then immediately right click where the image would load in the black window and then press copy URL. if you then paste this into the URL bar it will take you to the images location on the Facebook image server were it will still be.

    • Thanks Tim, for sharing this tips! In some cases or in a recent updates that FB has made, it may be not possible as the image location on the FB server keeps on changing due to security.

  3. Hi 5 years ago i sent some fotos to some one on hotmail.but now a days these fotos r not on my sent item. can i watch them? and did not delete these fotos or mail

  4. and 2 years ago i uploaded some foots on my face book.but afterfew days i deleted them. can i see them?

  5. I’ve been trying to get access to my deleted photos on facebook but all it does is it goes back to the same page how can I get access to my deleted photos thank you


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