Use your Nose to Dial, with NoseDial at iTunes

Too cold to use fingers? Then try out the NoseDial app! It can’t get any weirder with mobile applications making you even a bigger couch potato than you might already be. After hearing of the app on the iPhone 4 that conveniently performs ECG test for the user on the go, now we have the NoseDial app that is especially useful in this biting cold winter.

If it might be too cold and uncomfortable for the user to get his hands out of the gloves every now and then to make calls using the touch screen with his fingers, then why not stick the iPhone up to your nose and you use just your nose to call people!Use your Nose to Dial, with NoseDial at iTunes

What the NoseDial app does is that it displays the entire contacts list along with the pictures of those people. It gives a wide area of contact that can be used to select an option with just the nose. But then remember, laziness too comes at a cost, and this one costs $0.99 at the iTunes.

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