Verizon comes to iPhone 4, finally

Verizon comes to iPhone 4, finally

We might recall that in not so distant past iPhone users had much against the AT&T service provider, due  to their obnoxious service and pathetic data plans. There was instant speculation that iPhone had to come Verizon, and by the popular support it got through social networking websites and blogging websites, it has been only a matter of time that iPhone 4 actually has come to Verizon.

But the phone remains same as before, with a sole addition being a CDMA chipset. Now, Verizon claims that the CDMA device is good enough to provide some connectivity while on international roaming in some 40 countries. But that is not an issue for those who hardly travel outside the country.

So, the phone remains same, except for an additional CDMA, and a new carrier, Verizon. The data plans on Verizon are same as for any other smartphone with the same carrier. Although they are not tiered at the moment, it could follow AT&T’s way of teiring sometime later.

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