Springpad Hits 1 Million User Base 100 Days Faster Than Evernote: Thanks to Android!

When I gave up using Evernote and decided to switch over Springpad, at that time I was not pretty much sure that how much I would like it.

Springpad comes with easy to use apps and a good web interface design that makes thing much easier than I thought before switching over to Springpad from Evernote. Springpad offers plenty of options that help to maintain work, parenting, and everyday work much easier. Yesterday, when it was announced that Springpad hits 1-Million user base, I was not amazed at that time. Springpad Hits 1 Millions User Base a 100 Days Faster Than Evernote: Thanks to Android!

It list things on it, important date, to-do notes and also provides reminders to pick up prescription and to take notes whenever needed. Apart from all other apps that are available in Android market, Springpad offers a wide range of around 425,00 product suggestions, prices, discounts, 325,000 recipes , 250,000 places, 175,000 books and 150,000 movies .

Springpad’s unique system aggregate best prices, price drops, discount, reviews and local availability on all of the above and delivers it right to your Springpad app.

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