Google Says Goodbye to Chrome’s Address bar

Google is bringing various changes to the Chrome user interface, by including number of changes to the UI/front-end. In a recent post to the chromium developer mailing list entitled “Major UI efforts” Google man Jeff Chang pointed to the public page describing the four “windows UI variants” for the chromium OS project.

Google is said to be working on four types of navigation- classic, compact, sidetab and touchscreen. Although, Google is interested in developing all the four versions and it is reported Google’s prime focus is more on the classic and compact navigation versions.Google Says Goodbye to Chrome's Address bar

The same report also stated that Google may be providing an option for users to open multiple chrome windows and apply changes different users to them. In other words, the move lets a users to sign into multiple Google accounts in parallel and use them at the same time.

“If we take the address bar out of the tab, it can be used as both a launcher and switcher; the user doesn’t have to worry about replacing their active tab,” Google says.

Allowing different windows to run as different Chrome identities means that a user can have different open windows associated with different Google accounts, and correspondingly different sets of preferences, apps, bookmarks, and so on – all those elements which are bound to a specific user’s identity,” the company says. “Having multiple profiles in the Chrome browser also makes it easy to browse with separate identities without having to log in as separate users at the operating system level.” Google added.

Currently, Google lets user to synchronize the Chrome and Google account preference across multiple machines, which is an important part of its Chrome OS play.

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