Android and Maemo get Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta

As we most of us might already have come to know about Mozilla’s latest product, Firefox 4 Beta web browser for mobile, specifically designed for Android powered devices and the Nokia Maemo, that has just recently been made available at the Android Market and Nokia Maemo device, it is being deemed as one of the fastest web browsers for mobiles to date.

It has a greater stability than the previous versions and a higher performance than the previous versions. A greater issue of zooming has been addressed in this build of the web browser. It allows users to conveniently pan and zoom into the web pages with greater ease than before. It has become faster due to faster page loads and enhanced performance of the JavaScript.

Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo

Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo

As Mozilla Firefox loyalists might already be aware, this version of the Firefox 4 Beta allows a greater deal of customizations than ever before for a mobile web browser. With features such as Firefox Sync for web page synchronizations, tabbed browsing (WOW!) and a host of add-ons to choose from, the whole web browsing experience becomes greatly enhanced and ever so more pleasurable. Also further work is being done to increase the number of add-ons than already available. People at Mozilla have invited independent developers to create such add-ons and apps using latest technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, etc.

This only means that very soon Firefox 4 Beta web browser for mobile is going to expand base delivering the very best of performance to its users.

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