Twitter for Blackberry Updated to 1.1

Blackberry is always has been the strong hold of the serious business type audience. Recently, Research In Motion(RIM) has taken a new step to improve its demographic in its strong hold area.

RIM has released an upgraded version of Twitter app 1.1 for Blackberry handsets. Although, this is a good news for all Blackberry owners but, still this social networking app doesn’t match up to its iOS and Android counterparts.Twitter for Blackberry Updated to 1.1

Twitter 1.1 still needs some more update that include push notifications, support for retweets, better integration with the social networking feeds and the much required features that allows ability to access the feeds without having to launch the application. As, this app is currently in beta version so don’t expect a bug free experience.

Here is the list of changes that this new update includes:

  • Push notifications for @ mentions
  • Refreshed UI
  • Support for retweets
  • Direct message support
  • Hash-tag topic auto-complete
  • Additional languages, including Czech and Polish
  • New gesture support, including pull and refresh updating

The beta version of Twitter for Blackberry can be downloaded from here.


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