CSDevCTRL Tools App Arrives on Android

CSDevCTRL, Windows Mobile most popular app is now ported to Android. The Xda member, Chrisstavrou has successfully ported this app and he tried to bring most of the advanced features to the Android OS, which it was lacking and that without rooting the device.

Having moved to Android himself, the devs’ focus is on areas where he finds Android to be lacking, adding features without the need for root access and helping with day to day usage.CSDevCTRL Tools App Arrives on Android

The CSDevCTRL has been tested and compiled to run only on Froyo OS and offers following features:-

  • Turn on Bluetooth on incoming call or when dialing.
  • Turn off Bluetooth after hanging up.
  • Turn off Bluetooth only if a specific paired Bluetooth device is out of range.
  • Blink the camera flash when device is flipped over and incoming call received.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when screen is turned off and Wi-Fi was on.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi when screen is turned on and Wi-Fi was turned off by the utility.

CSDevCTRL app can be downloaded from Android Market or from Xda forum thread via the source link.

Via [Talk Android]

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  1. Rohit Batra March 4, 2011 at 7:08 pm #

    Nice Share Abhishek…Android is booming up in the Apps markets too..

    • ABHISHEK SHUKLA March 4, 2011 at 9:12 pm #

      In US, Android has become a major player, followed by iOS and Blackberry.
      Thanks for your comment..

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