Now buy an iPad for only Rs 24,500

The first generation of the iPad already in India comes in many variations and the most basic one has updated its price to Rs. 24,500. This is the 16 GB variation that comes only with Wi-Fi. The 16 GB edition of the iPad with an extra 3G connection support is now available for just Rs. 31,900.

Other variations of the first generation iPad have updated their prices correspondingly. A 32 GB iPad will cost about Rs. 29,500 and the same device with 3G support, now costs Rs. 36,900. Also a 64 GB iPad will now cost about Rs. 34,500 and the same device with 3G support shall cost Rs. 41,900.

Now buy an iPad for only Rs 24,500

This comes as a standard move by Apple India to reduce the prices of the devices available here in the home markets as the prices are getting reduced worldwide to usher in the new iPad 2.0 devices, the next big thing to supposedly have happened to Apple.

Unfortunately enough, when the United States is seeing the light of iPad 2.0 already, India only recently in the last month saw the light of the older generation iPad. It is little wonder if there will be any takers for older one when within a year, the iPad 2 might be launched in India too.


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  1. Rohit Batra March 12, 2011 at 5:24 pm #

    Samsung Galaxy Tab is a god option for iPad in price terms…


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