Angry Birds Rio, 99 cents on iPhone, free for 24 hours on Android

Angry Birds Rio can now be downloaded for the iPhone for just 99 cents from the iTunes App Store. Also, it can be downloaded for free and be played for 24hrs without paying up a buck on Android, if bought from the Amazon Appstore for Android, and if you are residing in US.

Angry Bird Rio

Angry Bird Rio

This latest Angry Birds Rio is the latest in the Angry Birds game and movie series which has become a hit with mobile phone gamers on the iPhone, specially on the Android phones. Currently, Angry Birds leads above all Android games, and is doing great business too.

The latest game in the Angry Birds series, the Angry Birds Rio, introduces places like Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It features furious Birds who will do anything to search for and find their friends, who are two macaws, named Blu and Jewel. The new movie in the Angry Birds series too, called Rio, shall have these two macaw birds as the central characters.

As for the game, most of all action remains same, except for ‘hidden fruits’ and ‘boss fight.’ There are 60 levels in the game and one might expect regular updates and upgrades to the game, with more levels getting added regularly all through this year. Surely, this is going to be one game that might even soon come to your computers and other phone devices!

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