What is the Google +1 about

Google seems to have taken cue from its arch rival Facebook, by introducing Google +1, something similar to the Like button.

This is Google’s latest ploy to counter the huge following that Facebook has been able to generate with its own innovation, the Like button. Google’s +1 feature seems to do everything that Facebook Like does, and it even goes a little beyond.

What is the Google +1 about

The +1 button shall appear next to all your search results, so that you may click them for the same reason people hit the Like button on Facebook. So if you like a search result, you simply click on the +1 button to show your support for it, and that you would recommend it to others. And if people in your friend list come to search something similar, and same search results appear, they may be able to see if others have liked, or rather +1 it, or not. So, one may see this way, who all have recommended a particular result. And there is also an option for users to remove all their own recommendations by undoing their +1s. These recommendations shall also appear all together in a single webpage for them to be reviewed by the users and also allow them to be deleted selectively.

But this +1 way of liking things seems to be a bit restricted to search results itself. What users may expect is that with +1 gaining on popularity, overtime it may feature on websites too, just like we have buttons for Facebook, RSS, StumbleUpon, etc.

But this feature shall expectedly take a lot of time to kick in. This can be activated currently for experimental use by applying for it at Google Experimental Search.

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