Best holiday Games for iPhone

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When it comes to loading games for iphone people go crazy searching the most interesting and worthy games that are ranked at the top list. November and December are the months that invite more launches of new upgraded apps for the iphone and ipad. Classic games and new branded game are more inviting that bags the top position. Apple apps developers are more taken towards gaming and development of apps as the holiday season starts with the October through the way to December. As Christmas is one of the favorite ones for holidays they plan gaming spots with more of Christmas themes for their iphone.

There are several holiday iphone games that are more specific in grasping the interest of most gaming people.

Jive Turkey Shoot

This type of classic shooter style game includes thanks giving with shooting of items down. The main target here is to shoot the pumpkins, sweet potatoes, turkeys, leaves and the falling items. The game difficulty depends on the level you cross, with increase in the number of shoots one must possess. Player with more score will win the game as shooting accuracy counts.

Jive Turkey Shoot
Jive Turkey Shoot

Snowy’s Christmas Pinball

Here snowman is the main character, similar to other pinball games here flipping of balls counts towards the highest score. Some of the interesting part of the game is that scrooge will try stealing the ball and Santa loses as well. Flip to the high score is the classic theme of the Christmas pinball game.

Best holiday games for iphone
Snowy’s Christmas Pinball

Santas run, Rolando 2, Christmas experience, cut the rope, Christmas with weezer, Christmas free are some of the other holiday iphone games that are interesting and adventurous in occupying players interest.


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