Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100, GT-I9103

Samsung’s latest show of the S II GT-I9100 made many heads turn at the last Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona this year. And even as its list of admirers grow, Samsung has revealed that it is now going to add slight upgrades to its GT-I9100 and make it into a new version of the model, calling it the GT-I9103.

The GT-I9100 had been powered by the dual-core Exynos 4210 SoC processor by Samsung. This has been changed to processor by Nvidia Tegra 2, which makes it more powerful. Another tweak is its screen. The GT-I9100 has Super AMOLED Plus screen display which has been changed in the GT-I9103 to Super Clear LCD display screen, though the screen size remains same at 4.3-inches.

The two versions of the otherwise similar devices are not being made available in all the countries where it will be sold. This could mean that its manufacturing at different places is responsible for these versions being made available in different places, as certain parts would be more easily available and cheaper in some places than the other. Other than this reason, there could be little to trigger Samsung into selling two versions of the same device.

Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung Galaxy S II

What one normally would have expected is another class of Samsung phones to have supported the Nvidia Tegra 2 processors and the Super Clear LCD display screen, as it has become pretty signature for Samsung Galaxy phones to flaunt its own dual core processors and the Super AMOLED Plus screens.

But the release dates of either of the two devices, the S II GT-I9100 and the S II GT-I9103, are yet to be announced.


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