Spice Popkorn Projector M9000 for Rs. 6,999

Projector phones might not yet have hit the craze in the Indian markets but surely Indian mobile phone manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned to compete with foreign brands. And keeping with the competition, Spice has come up with its projector phone at a very affordable price too. The model, Popkorn Projector M9000, will cost no more than Rs. 6,999 in India.

This latest venture by Spice may make many heads turn as projector phones are yet to catch up with the masses. But by doing so at this point of time, Spice surely gains a huge market share for such phones.


Spice Popkorn Projector M9000 for Rs. 6,999

Spice Popkorn Projector M9000


The Projector M9000 is primarily a dual Sim phone that should appeal much to the average Indian user. Apart from the projector being its major highlight, it has frills such as being a GSM enabled mobile phone. It also boasts of having an Analog TV, which should support streaming of many free television channels over to the mobile phone. This would mean that one will have access to the television even when on the move. And the television shows will hardly be restricted by the small 2.4 inch TFT Display screen, rather it could be projected onto any clear surface to be watch live TV. Also presentations, movies and photos stored on the device can be viewd on the larger projected surfaces.

The Popkorn Projector M9000 also has a 3.2 megapixel camera. This camera supports features such as Widescreen Video Recording, Multi-Shot and Night Vision.

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