BlueStacks to the rescue, Android apps running on Windows

As the popularity of Android based applications is growing by the day, so is the need for these applications to run on Windows based computers. Android games, such as Angry Birds, soaring in popularity have a lot of people seeking their counterparts to run on their Windows systems.

And the solution to this problem has the name BlueStacks. BlueStacks is virtualization software that provides a platform to the Android apps to run on Windows operating systems.

BlueStacks to the rescue, Android apps running on Windows


Users may seamlessly switch between their Windows apps and Android apps, without any inconveniences. And the Android apps behave just as any other Android app, because BlueStacks uses windows drivers to perform any operations such as printing, video conferencing, etc. BlueStacks also allows downloading apps for Android from the Amazon Appstore, to run in your Windows computers, which was previously impossibility.

All this make Android games all the more appealing and increase the market size of Android apps, extending it to Windows devices, such as phones, PCs and yet to be launched tablets. Also, the future might see better versions of BlueStacks having support for applications beyond the current limitation of the Android 2.2.

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  1. Billy Christopher June 14, 2011 at 4:19 pm #

    Your blog was very informative. If you’re looking to purchase an IPAD or Android Tablet, depending on what you are after, some research needs to be done so you are not paying too much – the android can be more than 1/2 the price of an IPAD and with the Android being a wholly owned subsidiary of Google, Android apps are likely to overtake IPAD apps in popularity and numbers!

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