Motorola Glam XT800 Price drops to Rs. 23,990

Motorola is facing the brunt of overpricing its Glam XT800 at Rs. 31,999. Well, it has now finally let common sense prevail and has brought the price down to Rs. 23,990, which approximately is a difference of Rs. 8,000.

Motorola Glam XT800

Motorola Glam XT800

Why Motorola Glam XT800? Well, it is the only dual-SIM phone that runs on Android, and considering the craze in Indians over dual SIM mobile phones, this device could have actually done well. It looks great, but the overpricing was a cause of concern.

Already, other concerns have been raised on the version of the Android OS it runs. It is sold with Android 2.1 OS, which is ‘oh so last year’. Processor speed at 550MHz seems decent for light users though. But being the only dual SIM Android phone in the market, you cannot take your customers for a ride, can you?

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