XDA developers come out with Yet Another Android Market

XDA developers have started out with their very own YAAM, which is simply the Yet Another Android Market. Though one may find many other substitutes for the official Google Android Market, but YAAM promises to be the most developer friendly

XDA Developers come out with YAAM

XDA Developers come out with YAAM

of all. Any developer, who sells apps through the YAAM, shall be entitled to full 100 per cent of the revenues from the sales, which is a step ahead of at least the official Android Market that gives developers only 60 per cent of the revenues from the sales of their apps.

XDA YAAM seems to attract talented developers from around the world who seek a better price for the development work that they do and the products they have created. YAAM shall be an open source market that fully reimburses the developers giving them their due share. It also offers an unlimited description size of the products so that it adds to the freedom that the developers shall have.

Already the YAAM has about 23,000 members and more than 400 apps have been put up for sale. And is expected to grow more, into one of the largest, and quality markets for Android.

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