Microsoft Windows 8 App Store

Windows 8, the successor of Windows 7 operating system by Microsoft shall have its very own app store. Though it is expected that apps at the Windows App Store shall run on mostly all the Windows versions, but it has been conceived keeping in mind the upcoming Windows 8 operating system, and the mobile operating system environments.

Windows 8 App Store

Windows 8 App Store

The screenshot images of this Windows App Store have surfaced on many websites already. Though, the authenticity of the images is highly questionable. It is still doubtful that the App store may not be named as such at all to avoid legal trouble with Apple which owns an App Store already. Many people are calling it Windows Marketplace.

If looks of the screenshot images are anything to by, the look and feel is very Windows 7 like, graphically appealing with use of bright colors and a neat, organized layout. So much so, as the Microsoft Windows 8 App Store goes!

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