16 Megapixel Camera HTC Windows 7 Phone

So is HTC really planning to out a phone that has a 16 Megapixel camera and runs on the Windows Phone 7 operating system? Well, there surely have been rumors about such a phone, which might prove to be healthy for HTC to take a break from its Android devices. Also, it shall become the only phone, to have so high a megapixel value for its camera, ever.

HTC coming up with 16 Megapixel Windows 7 Phone

HTC coming up with 16 Megapixel Windows 7 Phone

Already we have seen high megapixel count in the Nokia N8 that has a 12 Megapixel camera with Xenon Flash, and amazing image processing that renders pictures taken from the phone utmost beauty and clarity. So we know it is quite possible hardware wise to have gone up further on the megapixels. This rumored phone shall most probably have a dual LED flash and looks wise is pretty much like the Desire S.

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