Tablet Optimized HoneyBread V4 Theme For CM7

So you are a tablet owner who uses Cyanogen Mod 7 even when there are so many other RC versions and stable releases available for download, then you are surely in for a big surprise! The original HoneyBread theme for CM7 has its source code tweaked here and there for great optimization to make it run smoothly on tablet devices running Android operating systems. This makes everything on the tablet so much more comfortable and enjoyable to use. The buttons and the icons and every thing else have been appropriately resized to suit tablet devices.

Tablet Optimized HoneyBread V4 Theme For CM7

HoneyBread V4 Theme

But currently it is available only in the alpha stage of development, which means that there may be many bugs in it too. But the bright side is that it is totally open source and further tweaks would come very soon bringing it out of the alpha stage to the final stages that make it perfect and lovable!

Via [xda-developer]

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