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Internet users browsing habits are being gathered by Facebook through their like-button. Already Facebook privacy rules have been a cause of worry for many users. The like-button used to track users browsing habits sheds a lot of light to the extent Facebook can go to track users.

Stop Facebook from tracking

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How Facebook is  tracking ?

How is it possible? Well, even if a person is on the social website or not, or for Facebook users. Even if he is logged in or not. If the user visits a website that has Fb social plug-in that enables users to like the content by clicking on the like-button, he will be tracked. The users web address along with the address of the website visited shall be collected by Facebook. So every page that has a like-button is literally a spy that monitors which user has logged into the webpage. Hence the entire sequence of websites visited by the user shall be recorded and collected by Fb. But this sequence shall only contain the addresses of websites that have the Fb social plug-in.

According to Fb, all these data are made anonymous in three months time and the data is neither shared nor sold to any third party, and is strictly used by Facebook only. Whatever the case might be, such tracking of browser activity might seem too intrusive by many. Fb has reportedly agreed to simplify its privacy settings for the time being in future.

And the worst part of it is that users have no control to stop their web history from being automatically recorded by these Fb like-buttons, but there are certainly some ways that might be worth trying as they effectively stop Fb from tracking any user browsing activity. You can install adblock, which can be used to disable Fb like-button, to find-out how it works, head over to this link.

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