Firefox 4 Downloads at 100 Million

In about a month since Mozilla launched the new version of its browser, it has recorded more than 100 million downloads. But this still does not increase its overall market share, as it remains the same.

Firefox 4

Firefox 4

The upgrade to Firefox 4, from its more previous version Firefox 3.6, is yet to be offered to the users. But the users nevertheless have upgraded to Firefox 4 from older versions. Its overall usage share for all versions of the Firefox browser remains at a quarter of all internet users. This only means that there has not been any significant shift to Firefox from another browser, and that most users have simply upgraded.

Same is the story with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 browser that came along the same period as Firefox 4. But what things look like in future, is surely in Firefox’s favor. It can run on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux based operating systems. On the contrary, Internet Explorer 9 cannot run on platforms other than Windows.

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