iPhone 4 coming to India on Airtel and Aircel

The iPhone 4 is coming to India soon, or so it seems, as both, Airtel and Aircel, have announced that they shall be bringing the iPhone 4 to India. But neither have divulged the

iPhone 4 in India
iPhone 4 in India

launch date, nor the price and tariff plans. It was previously stated that Vodafone shall be bringing the iPhone 4 to India, but apart from this information, nothing else has everbeen mentioned by the company eversince.

iPhone 4, developed by Apple Inc. was first launched in the U.S. along with four more countries in June 2010. The price has since then been at $199. And it seems an ideal time for launch too, considering the 3G network being rolled out in phases all around the country. Both Aircel and Airtel have acquired rights to 13 circles each in India to provide 3G services. And as the iPhone 4 is known to be a smartphone that thrives on fast internet connectivity, both the companies might be gearing up for the kill.


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