Watch Streaming Google Movies on Rooted Devices with Hacked app

When Google introduces its movie rental services into the Google video application and in the Android Market, at that time the rooted devices were not able to rent a movie via this service and they were pretty disappointed. As users with rooted Android devices were not able to use this streaming service.

Although it make sense because the non-rooted devices are only one who were enjoying the streaming service and this kind of services was specially launched by Google to block rooted devices to access the streaming content. But this was just a past as now rooted users can also enjoy streaming videos on their device. Folks from SDX developers (not to mislead with XDA developers) has hacked the application that will allow users to access the streaming service on their rooted devices.


Watch Streaming Google Movies on Rooted Devices with Hacked app

The folk from SDX said:

This APK is a modified version of the that bypasses the root & tamper checks. This apk file will fix both the standalone version of Google Videos and the Market integrated version of Google Videos. This apk should work on any Android device (2.2+) and with any theme (2.2+) as it does not make changes to the system folder or anything like that. This apk should work fine with unrooted phones, but if for some reason it doesn’t use the normal app.

This bypass doesn’t affect the actually DRM licensing, it will still generate a proper license key, you will still be limited to the normal viewing times, you will still have to pay to rent movies, etc. Don’t ask, because it’s not happening. It just bypasses/disabled the root check.

This apk has been tested on both 2.2 and 2.3 and on the following devices (Although as stated previous it should work on any device with root); Moment, Optimus, Droid Incredible, Thunderbolt, Xoom, Transform, Nook (CM7), G1 (CM7)

To learn more about it, head over to this link.

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