How to Install Windows 8 Using DVD

Windows 8 is the successor of windows 7, this new OS comes with lots of new features like Internet Explorer 10, App Switching, Dual monitor setup, Lock screen, Photo picker, Task manager, Managing processes, Onscreen keyboard, Keyboard for thumbs and Visual Studio.

Windows 8 GUI is inspired by Windows Phone 7 Metro Use Interface and if you have a capacitive touchscreen device then Windows 8 will add awesome experience to it. Getting back to the point, you can install Windows 8 in three ways namely: by DVD, ISO image file or on a virtual PC. But here we are going to learn how to install it by DVD.

How to install Windows 8 Using DVD

Installing Windows 8 by DVD:

  • First you need to decide which version you are going to use i.e. if your device supports 32bit/64bit then download the setup file for 32 bit/64bit from Microsoft site(link included below).
  • Now when you will download the file, it will be in ISO format so you need to burn the ISO image to a DVD using any burning softwares like Magic ISO, Nero etc.
  • After successfully creating the DVD disk for Windows 8 Developer Preview but before rebooting the device make sure what you want to make Windows 8, a default OS: that will need a clean installation and it will overwrite your existing OS or just want to play with it.
  • Now if you want to make Windows 8 as default OS then simply reboot you device with Windows 8 DVD inserted, follow the on screen options and when it asks where you want to install then select the respective drive where you want to install and after doing this your device will be running on Windows 8.
  • Again if you are just installing Windows 8 to get a look of it or to just play with its Metro UI then you need to create a separate drive of 20GB HD space and install Windows 8 there, after following few on screen options your device will be running Windows 8 along with your existing OS.

After following the above steps carefully, Windows 8 will be running on your device.

Download Windows 8 Developer Preview from here.

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  1. Linda October 3, 2011 at 10:04 pm #

    Aesthetically, Windows 8 is so pleasing.
    Those tablets were a kind of joke, here is the real deal.

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