HTC EVO 4G & Motorola Defy Ported to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0

According to an old proverb there is nothing called impossible, when someone puts his/her effort to do a work.  If a person puts all his/her efforts to tackle the problem then the solution for same is achieved in no time.

Adding this into fact, hackers at renowned Xda developer community have developed working ports for Ice Cream Sandwich a.k.a. ICS OS for HTC EVO 4G and Motorola Defy. The ports that are being developed is currently is alpha phase so some of the functions on HTC EVO 4G like Wi-Fi and Cellular data are not working, but the developer has promised to fix this issue very soon and for Defy although the Wi-Fi is functional but nor camera or the device is working properly.HTC EVO 4G & Motorola Defy Ported to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0

The development of Motorola Defy port is currently in first alpha phase but the developer has promised to fix all the issue that are coming in the way with the device during next update release.

The things that are working properly on both the devices include:

  • Startup, Bootmenu and Recovery
  • Touchscreen and Keypad including multi touch functionality is working perfectly.
  • USB ports are working
  • New network kernel modules are functional

If you have EVO 4G or Defy device and want to taste all new ICS on the device then you can download the bootable ROM from here.

NOTE: Before starting with the process, please keep in mind Techdistinct is not to be held responsible for any kind of faults if occurred during the installation process. So it is advised that if you don’t have knowledge to perform the installation process then better stay away from this and wait for the official ICS ROM for the device to roll out.

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Via Xda developer

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