How to Use Google Music Store on Android Phones

The latest cool news is that Google.Inc has announced the launch of new Google music store on internet. This store is going to serve as a great online center for downloading favorite music tunes. The Android event held recently at Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon has served as a gateway to add more features to android phones.

The online music store of Google has nearly 13 million music themes and songs. These exciting songs have been taken from three leading music production companies. They are Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and EMI including Merlin music corporation. There is an online artist hub on Google music store where artists can upload their music audios and show their talent to the world.
 How to Use Google Music Store on Android Phones

They can sell their musical compositions at their desired prices on this online music store at Google.Inc. The store is offering a price quote of $1 per music audio and $1.99 per movie.  Users can use Google music store for their android phones in the following ways:

  • The new music store at Google can be used to buy and save MP3 music files. The application systems on Android phones can help to save and run music files. Android phones can download a unique Google music player application in their user interface. This application helps android phones to track latest music albums uploaded on Google store. Users can buy and download the new music album or song if they feel interested. Music tracks up to 20,000 units can be stored in the Google music application in android phones.
  • Google music store for android application phones offers facility of music storage locker. Users can buy songs from the online store and save them the storage locker. Users can also use Google music manager to save songs from their android phone to a computer. This service can be used from any location at any time.
  • Users can also use special application of Google music for Windows. This application enables them to save all songs downloaded from Google music store to their desktop. They can access the saved music files without using a keyboard or taskbar application.
  • Users can store more than 13 million songs in their android phones after downloading them from Google music store. They can also share downloaded music files on social media networks through their android phones.

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