Receive Missed Calls/Text Messages Alert on Android Phones with SMS2Gmail app

Being Android an open source OS, it has helped many developers to explore the OS and discover new tweaks, develop new app for it. While browsing through Android Market, I found an interesting application SMS2Gmail, which is capable to send missed calls/text messages alert to a pre-defined email address for free, all you need is a Android phone and data connection on the device. Isn’t that interesting? I’m going to tell more about it after the jump.


SMS2Gmail app is a free app designed for Android phones which allows user to receive missed calls/text messages alert on a pre-defined email address. Hence helps those Android user who sometimes forget their phones at home or if they are not allowed to carry cell phones at a certain place. At that point of time this app is really going to help, and most interestingly SMS2Gmail app can be activated remotely i.e. you will not receive any alert mails when the app is not activated.

The only demerits that I found while using the app is, it can only forward mails to a Gmail account. What if somebody have a rediff or yahoo mail account? I think in that very case it is not going to work, so if a user is interested to use this app and wish to receive email alerts then he/she must have or need to create one for the same.

SMS2Gmail app is an interesting app and can be tried at least for once. The app can be downloaded for free from Android Market. If you have used this app and have something to share with us, then let us know in your comments below, we would be more than happy to here from you.

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