iPhone 4 Diamond Rose For This Christmas Special

Want to own a phone that leaves everyone gasping for breath? It has to be the iPhone. Want a phone that makes everyone’s hearts skip a beat? Then there is nothing better than the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose to do that job for you. The iPhone Diamond Rose is a handset that has been designed by Stuart Hughes, who is known to design the most exquisite and expensive iPhones.

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iPhone 4 Diamond Rose For This Christmas Special

Design of the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

The iPhone 4 Diamond Rose has a rose pink metal rear side and the side rim of the handset is encrusted with diamonds. There are three rows of diamonds on the rim and the rear side is basically made of platinum. I doubt that there is anything more beautiful than this handset presently available. It is in fact one of the best creations of Stuart Hughes. The diamonds provide the necessary bling to make the handset look truly feminine. There are 500 diamonds on the rim of the handset.

The bling does not end there as there are diamonds that are encrusted on the Apple logo that is present on the rear side of the handset. These are 53 diamonds. The number of diamonds makes me wonder if they were purchased via the diamonds USA coupon.

Frontal features of the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

The only button that is present under the screen of the handset that is, the navigation button is a pink diamond that is present in a Platinum rim. The pink diamond is surrounded by a circle of diamonds.

Price of the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

The iPhone 4 is available at a price of $8020000. The price makes it just a dream for everyone except for a few of the elite class. Well, that is what most of the creations of Stuart Hughes are all about.

I was wondering what a great idea it would have been if the handset had a discount code like the diamonds USA coupon and the discount for Wewood so that the price of the handset would have decreased a bit. But, that is just wishful thinking.

Purity of the diamonds

The diamonds that have been used for encrusting in the handset are priceless. The 500 diamonds that are present in the rim of the handset are each a 100 carat one. Same is the case with the 53 diamonds that are present on the Apple logo at the rear side. Finally the pink diamond that has been embedded on the navigation button is a 7.4 carat pink diamond.

There are just two iPhone 4 Diamond Rose handsets that are available in the market. That just adds to the uniqueness of the handset. If you can’t purchase it, then get something that is more real, like a Wewood watch and you’ll feel better as there is a discount for Wewood too.

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