Sell Your Private Browsing Data with Chrome Browser

Google to pay you for browsing? In what may be another pay- to-surf sham, the latest one doing the rounds seems most real and believable. Rumors have it that Google is about to launch a new product in the market, named Google Screenwise, that is going to reward users in exchange of their usage data over the internet.

Sell Your Private Browsing Data with Chrome Browser

Google Screenwise is believed to be a plug-in with the Google Chrome web browser, which will send the users’ browsing statistics back to Google, for it to map browsing habits of people. Where is the money involved? Well, that part seems a bit dodgy as it seems that no real money in terms of cash will be paid, but instead, gift cards from would be given out. And how much cash? It would be $5 for allowing the installation of the plug-in and $5 every 3 months hence. Which means a person could make upto $25 a year by just selling off all that internet usage history.

Could this be a farce? Well, it could very well be just a rumor considering a host of scams and fake websites promising money in exchange of membership, usage and browsing. But what sets this particular news apart is that instead of real money involved here, it is just Amazon gift voucher. That part seems more real.

Sell Your Private Browsing Data with Chrome Browser

What may surprise most people is that what they browse on the Internet is of so much value to these Internet giants like Google and Facebook. At the least, Google would be more upfront and honest about it, if it really does come up with the Screenwise. Otherwise we know how embroiled is Facebook regarding the same(I still cannot understand its privacy laws!). we already know that Facebook does a lot of snooping around through Internet cookies that it installs on a user computer without his or her permission or knowledge and sends usage statistics back to it.

These Internet giants research a heck lot on such data and the result of it is more user centric products that the users are most likely to use. They are also able to advertise and market these products in the most effective way, in turn making a lot of money. So, if Google decides to give back some part of it to the users, I would grab it with both hands! If you want to give a try to this, then head over to this page for more details.

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