Know your Android Smartphone: System Settings

Android has penetrated in Smartphone market of Europe and Asia. If you have an Android Smartphone than for you lot of customization options are available. In this article I will cover up few options of your Android settings menu that most of us are not aware about.

Know your Android Smartphone: System Settings

  1. Call Settings: BLACK LIST.  If you use this option you can add a number to the blacklist so that person does not bother you again. Also you add a number to the list directly from your call history. This is a feature of Cyanogen Mod and ROMS based on it, though you can find alternatives in the Market.
  1. Security settings and location. From here we can set how our mobile determine location, It has the option of making it to use only GPS satellites or wireless networks. Moreover, the security options are juicier because they allow us plenty of options such as locking the screen (with pattern, password or pin), activate, deactivate or change the SIM card PIN on our phone or install certificates from the memory card of phone.
  1. Application settings. Manage applications option, allows us to manage installed applications, its location and available space. If we activate unknown sources it allows us to install apps from different locations out of the Market.
  1. Sync settings and accounts. Many people do not end up using this option, but personally I find it extremely useful because it allows us to manage multiple Google accounts and accounts of WhatsApp, Twitter, Foursquare etc.
  1. Language and keyboard. We have often heard how wonderful Swype or SwiftKey X are, the most amazing thing of android smartphones but from where do we manage them? Well from here. Not only you can change all the language settings from here, but we can also specify what keyboard to use when inputting text.

I am aware that not all are, but I think the other options are quite easier to use, however if you have doubts, you can always enter in About phone and select System Tutorial to learn some of the hidden secrets of your droids, you will always learn something new from them.

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