Sponsored Video: Fact Checkers Unit Web Series: James Franco is Preggers

Fact Checkers Unit aka FCU is a successful movie that was premiered at Sundance in 2008. The movie is based on two magazine fact checkers who were tasked to find fact about the task. After the huge success of the movie, director Dan Beers found to release this movie into small funny (comedy) episodes and this lead to the evolution of the FCU: web series.

Fact Checkers Unit Web Series: James Franco is Preggers

The Fact Checkers Unit gained huge popularity when big companies: Samsung and NBC partnered to sponsor and distribute the Fact Checkers Unit webs series.  In the FCU’s first two sessions, the series featured two main characters, Brian and Peter who played the main role and they were also the co-author of the script.

On 24th May, the launch of the season two of “FCU: Fact Checkers Unit’s” final episode, in which they have to confirm about the still photograph of a pregnant James Franco appears at SWAG Magazine HQ.

The Fact Checkers Unit were asked to investigate and find the hidden truth. The fact to which they came to discover is stranger than they could ever anticipate as FCU find themselves with the fate of the world in their hands. During the investigation they have their trusted Samsung Galaxy Note Premium Suite that helped them to find their quest.

To know what FCU discovered during the investigation you can take a peek on the below video to have a look at it.

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