How to Keep Android Phone Healthy

These days we can see many smartphone manufacturers who are busy in manufacturing smartphone which are capable enough to perform any task that a costly smartphone can do and that are made available at a much beatable price than ever before and that too because of the huge competition between one manufacturers with the other.

In the race of this price beat, the user are the one who are the main key player who decides for which device to go for keeping in mind that the device after purchasing should work smoothly for a longer period of time.  As we know, cheaper is the phone, low is the quality hence the performance is also gets affected. So, if you have already purchased or planning to purchase an Android Smartphone then you should know the four basic facts to keep your Android phones healthy and  make  the device running for a longer period without any problem.

How to Keep Android Phone Healthy

1.Restart Phone after Each 4-Days:

Well you must be wondering restarting the phone after each 3-4 days will how affect the health of Android Phone. Actually, the apps installed on the device starts creating a thumb files into their apps temporary folder which consumes the memory that is available on the phone/SD card. So, when you will restart the phone after each 3-4 days then those thumb files/cache files generated by apps will automatically get flushed out by the Android OS and your device will start functioning at much faster speed.

2.Install Antivirus:

You should must use an antivirus for your phone because, it scans each and every files/folder which are being installed on the device and hence helps to protect phone from any kind of malware, spyware etc. There are many free and paid versions of Antivirus are available in Android Market, you can download and use them to protect you phone. I strongly suggest you to go with the full version of any antivirus that you will choose to install on your phone as it will help for a longer period of protection. The antivirus that I suggest you to install are: Avast, Kaspersky, MacAfee, Norton or NQ Mobile Security.

3.Use Memory Cleaner Apps:

For a device with low in-built memory, memory cleaner apps works perfectly as it optimizes the way any app or program uses the RAM to work. This kind of apps just flushed off the memories that were being stored by any apps which are not being used for the time being.  Apps like Memory Booster, 1-click cleaner, Easy Cache Cleaner can be used to clean the cache files. Optimizing RAM helps to speed the up phone and also helps to save battery.

4.Use Advance Task Killer:

Advance Task Killer is a wonderful app that allows user to move, moveable apps from phone memory to the SD card and hence makes a room to store stuffs on the phone memory. The app uses an advance features that automatically detects movable apps, when you will install the app on the phone. It is always advised to keep a big chuck of the phone memory free as some point of time when running an app which utilizes more RAM, in the short of the RAM the phone starts using the free phone memory as RAM and hence helps to run those RAM eater app to work smoothly.

If you have not yet tried Advance Task Killer app then just give a try to this app and let us know how it works for you.

Download: Advance Task Killer

If I forgot to mention any other way to keep Android phone healthy, then you are most welcome to let me know in your comments below.

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  1. Anurag Panchal December 18, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

    every one is complaining about the battery life in android….but it is clear that an android device’s battery life is short compared to non-android devices……

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