The Availability of CodeSigning Certificates in the Mobile Industry

Over the past few years, particularly since the inception of the iPhone, users and developers alike have jumped on the bandwagon and gone app-mad. The market for these mobile applications has skyrocketed, with developers worldwide getting a piece of the action.

From the iPhone app market to Google Play (servicing the Android competitors), the importance of security is a very real issue. Reputable security products such as SSL packages, including Wildcard SSL are readily available, but for app developers, the importance of the Code Signing Certificate is crucial, and just as trusted.


Certificate Authorities such as the globally recognised Symantec, can verify your code signing certificates allowing you to distribute the code over the Internet safely and securely. In fact, despite the relatively small share of the app market, the Windows Phone has voted Symantec as being the only authorised provider – showing just how recognised a brand they are, providing a reliable service that can be wholly trusted.

This provider, like other Certificate Authorities, can help in the delivery of your applications across various platforms, including pre-installed root certificates for most non-Apple platforms, meaning whatever operating system you are aiming for, your code is covered.

The purpose, in layman’s terms, is to digitally sign the code to confirm the authenticity of the software developer and to guarantee it’s not corrupt and will function efficiently and effectively on your mobile platform. As a user of a mobile device, there’s nothing more frustrating than opening an app you have been waiting to be available on your platform for ages, to find that it’s buggy.

It’s also irritating if you like the look of an app that claims it does what it says on the tin, to find it’s full of malicious code that renders it useless.

The availability of code signing certificates in the mobile industry ensures that your mobile network provider has access to a digital ‘shrink-wrap’ that shows exactly where the source came from and confirms it’s legit, giving the ultimate confidence for users of app stores as well as better network protection.

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