Windows 8.1 (Blue) Features, Release Date and Screenshots

Microsoft released Windows 8 in Oct 2012, people who use Windows 8 they were not happy because of one reason or the other. Some don’t like the Metro app, other were looking for the start button. Microsoft has realized the issue and have tried to add all those features back to Windows 8 by releasing Windows 8.1 a.k.a Windows Blue as an update.

The new Windows Blue will have updates for all those features which the traditional Windows users were looking for.  Just like Mac OS X, Microsoft will announce subsequent version of Windows 8, it will just act like an update but one cannot treat them as service pack. Microsoft will keep rolling those necessary updates via Windows update feature.

Windows 8.1 (Blue) Features, Release Date and Screenshots

Here is the list of features that will be available in Windows 8.1 (Blue).

Windows Blue Desktop:

Windows Blue will have CanSuppressStartScreen” feature, which will allow users to boot directly to the desktop. An option will be provided to disable much-maligned tile-based Start Screen and the computer will boot directly to the desktop. However, Microsoft is not going to remove Metro tiles feature permanently because Windows 8 is built on Windows 7 and starts from where Windows 7 stops.

Windows Start button:

Windows 8.1 will bring start button back but will not offer full menu feature as in Windows 7.

Windows Blue Sync:Windows 8.1 (Blue) Features, Release Date and Screenshots

Windows 8.1 will allow users to synchronize data between multiple PCs with same user account.  Blue will have tight integration of SkyDrive that will be available in main settings. The settings will allow user to view amount of free and used space.

New Windows 8 apps:

Windows 8.1 (Blue) Features, Release Date and Screenshots

A new 50:50 screen sharing option will be available which will allow snap view feature to use 50% of the screen by one app and 50% by the other.

Internet Explorer 11:

Windows blue will come with new Internet Explorer 11 available both in Metro and desktop modes and will have features like “Show synced tabs” option which will allow users to synchronize tabs between multiple devices and possibly with Windows Phone 8.

Windows 8.1 (Blue) Features, Release Date and Screenshots

The advance settings of Windows 8.1 will have features to adjust screen and network controls, managing Home Groups and VPN settings, auto camera upload via SkyDrive, more backup options, tab sync, customizable desktop background, Movie Moments app which will appear just like old Windows Movie Maker and comes with inbuilt Sound Recorder.

Frank X. Shaw, Microsoft’s corporate vice-president of communications, said the company planned to reveal more about Windows Blue at its Build conference at the end of June, when a public preview of the update will arrive. June 26

Tami Reller, CFO of Windows, confirmed that Windows Blue is the codename for the product that will officially be known as Windows 8.1. It will be a free update via the Windows Store, for both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

CFO of Windows also confirmed that, the new update will provide more options for businesses and will give consumers more options to play and work.

Till date, Microsoft Windows store has 70,000+ apps that can be used to enhance the functionality of Windows 8 experience. The final Windows Blue release date is late 2013, while there will also be some new Windows Blue hardware.

The Windows 8.1 update will vastly dominate all devices running on Windows. It will be applied to Windows Phone, Windows Server and other Microsoft service’s including SkyDrive

Here is a leaked Video from Microsoft which reveals Microsoft working to improve touch feature with fresh paint app in Windows 8.1.

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