Add Auto Complete Search feature on Safari with Platinum for iPhone

There is no mobile market in the world which doesn’t have millions of applications whether it is Android, Windows or iOS market. All markets are flooded with plethora of application which makes our life easier in a way or the other. Platinum for iPhone is one such application which lets us to search things easily. The basic functionality of the app is inspired by Google Chrome auto search feature.

Platinum for iPhone app is just an application which brings that effort into work. We will look deep into the application functionality after the break. Till now, there is no app designed for iOS which allows us to add auto-search feature on the mobile device. Platinum for iPhone application is just the latest tweak for safari browser which let’s us to search things when we start typing the letters.Add Auto Complete Search feature on Safari with Platinum for iPhoneSafari browser for mobile device doesn’t comes with user friendly UI, developer of this app has realized this fact and tried to add tweak to the safari browser that allows us to look for the things instantly.

How to add Platinum for iPhone:

  • To Start with Platinum for iPhone, user need to download and install the app from ModMyi repo (this app is available for free).
  • Now, after installing the app launch the Safari browser and start searching for the things normally. You will notice that a list of suggestions will start appearing just below the URL address bar.
  • From the list of search suggestions, select the item and click on blue-colored arrow which is next to it to open the page in the browser.

Platinum for iPhone is just a small and must have app for all jailbroken devices which are still suffering issue with mobile Safari browser. The app will just make Safari a clean and lackluster native browser running on iOS operating system.

Platinum for iPhone can be downloaded from here.

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