How to Dual Boot Windows-Android on Acer Iconia W700

Acer Iconia W700 is capable to run Windows and Android in dual boot state and it is the first device which supports Android on Intel architecture. The device gives us a perfect blend of tablet and ultra book PC. If you have ever thought to run Android on your Windows PC then this tutorial is for you.

Apart from Windows 8 OS which comes preloaded with Acer Iconia W700, Android OS can also be installed on the device.  The Android on Intel Architecture gives us a chance to explore out of the box. In other way, user can also try Linux on Android Project to install Android on a Windows based device.

Windows 8 is a full desktop based OS from Microsoft which comes with some great features, the hardware required to run Windows 8 smoothly also makes extra room to install and run other Operating System in a much easier way. And same goes with Android, as it gives us the freedom to do those things that we never thought on PC without compromising about performance.Dual Boot Windows-Android on Acer Iconia W700

Before we start Dual Boot on Acer Iconia W700, there are some pre-requisite to be full-filled and some tools need to be downloaded and installed to jump further.

Disclaimer: Please try this guide at your own risk, if something goes wrong with the device or device gets damaged, we at TechDistinct are not to be held responsible for any such damage.

List of Requirements are:

  • USB Keyboard

  • USB Hub

  • USB Stick with at least 512 MB storage space.

  • Latest image file for Generic UEFI Installer [Download]

  • Image writer tool [Download]

Once done with all requirements, we have to create bootable USB for Android to install and run Android by dual booting on Windows

Steps to create bootable USB for Acer Iconia W700:

  • From the above link, download and unpack Image writer tool and run “Win32DiskImager.exe” file.

  • Once, Win32DiskImager.exe is executed navigate to Generic UEFI installer Image file, which is downloaded in pre-requisite.

  • Now, click on run and once done, you are ready to go.

Once done with creating bootable USB, we have to make changes to BIOS to boot from USB.

  • Start the computer and enter into BIOS settings by pressing and holding Windows button.

  • Now in BIOS mode, check UEFI boot modus is set or not.

After creating bootable USB and setting up tablet, we will now boot the computer with USB.

  • Turn off the tablet

  • Now, connect USB-hub and Keyboard with the tablet

  • Start the computer and press “F12” key on the keyboard

  • Now, look for USB device from boot options and hit enter

  • Screen will prompt user with three options: “Keep Windows and dual boot”, “the size of the Android OS” and “the time of the OS startup”.

  • Select “Keep Windows and dual boot” option and hit enter

  • The device will take some time to install Android OS and once done unplug all external device and restart the device.

  • After restarting the computer, you will be offered with two OS on the screen. Windows 8 and Android. Select Android OS by using up-down arrow key and hit enter.

  • In no time, Acer Iconia W700  will be up and running on Android OS.

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