Control Any Android Device without Touch with Hovering Control

You must have seen those scientific movies were character control devices by just hovering their hands. When we use to see those movies we thought that this kind of technology won’t exist but that’s not true, actually technology exist and now it has become advanced in such a manner that we can use it on our smartphones.

Smartphones like Samsung S4 has feature called Air Gesture which allows user to control the device by just waving their hand in air. Sony Xperia Sola device also has floating touch feature which do the same job. This feature was limited few times back to only some premium smartphones but now, Hovering Controls is one such application which is free and widely used application that allows user to control any device running on Android version 2.2 Froyo or above by waving hand in front of the device sensor.Control Any Android Device without Touch with Hovering Control

Hovering Controls uses the proximity sensor of the smartphone to perform desired action. The actions registers simple motions performed in front of the device and works in the same manner while waving hands. Hovering Controls also have predetermined apps which can be used to open/run/execute by moving hands over the sensor.

 Features supported by Hovering Control are:

  • Helps to control media playback
  • Change track next or previous song/video without turning on the phone screen.
  • Alarm or ringtone can be turned to silence by waving hands

Hovering Controls works in two modes and both of them have different way to open apps: Target and Carousel mode.

Target Mode: As the name suggest, it helps to open pre-determined app with a set of gesture motion.

Carousel Mode:  Open up apps from a list of applications.

In some Android devices, the proximity sensors are not able to recognize different gestures performed by Hovering Controls, for those devices Hovering Controls offers testing mode, running the test helps device to read different gestures in a proper manner.

Hovering Controls app is available especially for Xda-developers member and can be downloaded from below link. As the app is in early beta stage so it might contain bugs or some of the functionality will not work.

You can download and try Hovering Controls for free and can share your feedbacks with the developer in the original thread [Here].

Download: Hovering Controls for Android

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