Learn Who Is Spying On You Online

Web is not a safe place if you really care about your privacy. Each and every movement online is tracked by web servers as tracking cookies and been used for advertisement and other purposes. The small tracking cookies downloaded on your computer stores websites you have visited. These tracking are been widely used by companies to build user profiles based on user data/ interest.

To know how you are been tracked online, Mozilla has released an add-on called Lightbeam that shows up who captures you online. After installing the add-on, when you visit any website it will show you how many web servers are connecting to your computer. These web servers save user data as cookies.Learn Who Is Spying On You Online with Lightbeam

Lightbeam stores a log and gives us a clear picture which web servers are accessing the movement online. The add-on can be used to allow/block websites that can save cookies.

Mozilla’s executive director Mark Surman said Lightbeam is about raising public awareness of how their activity is tracked online.

“It really is a stake in the ground designed to start a conversation about privacy,” he said.

“If you think about nutrition it’s taken years of policy and public education about different types of food for people to be talk about a healthy diet. This is the same thing, this is saying ‘Let’s know a little bit more about what’s happening’ then we can get to discussions about what else is being tracked, to building tools to let you protect yourself, to education campaigns about how we want to protect about ourselves.”

We need people to know how the web works and one element of that is privacy,”Surman said.

“We’re figuring out a significant part of how humans interact with each other and that will last for hundreds of years. As we figure that out there are different forces in play, the normal forces of creativity, commerce and government. its part of society figuring out what the web should be and our role is to stand up for those core values that the web was built on, which includes transparency.”

These days, browser fingerprinting techniques are used to collect user data, data collected using this technique gives a blueprint of web browser which is installed on end user computer.

Light beam add-ons can be activated by clicking on the bottom right hand side corner, open any website and click on Light beam icon, in no time it will show you various details about the cookies server, number of websites that are accessing your cookie data, sites connected, first and last access and much more. Downloaded Lightbeam from here and learn more about web caching.

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