How to Install Custom ROM on Chromecast

Few months back we covered how to root Chromecast, after its release developer from around the world started to develop custom ROM for it, that can be used to flash ROM and modify easily, among them one is FlashCast.

FlashCast is a USB image that offers standard method to change ROM of Chromecast. It is based on shell scripts, so it allows you do anything with a root shell and also makes many task easier.How to Install Custom ROM on Chromecast

To create FlashCast things required are:

  • A Google Chromecast device with bootloader unlocked
  • Latest version of FlashCast firmware [Download]
  • USB stick (min size =128MB)
  • A powered Micro-USB OTG cable

How to create FlashCast:

Once done with all the required items, you are ready to create FlashCast.

  • In the first step, user need to write .bin file contained in the FlashCast .zip file downloaded from above link.
  • Use Win32DiskImager for Windows and dd for Linux and Mac OS X to drag file to USB drive.
  • Once, done with adding file to USB drive boot the Chromecast from the drive by connecting the male end of Micro USB OTG cable to your Chromecast.
  • Now, plug USB drive into USB A-connector of the OTG cable, in the meanwhile hold the Chromecast button and connect Micro-USB power connector to the female Micro-USB OTG cable.
  • After setting up the connection, power on the device, if Chromecast in not able to detect power then repeat the process again.
  • In next 10 seconds if you are able to make the connection in proper order then Chromecast will boot up and on TV screen it will display FlashCast logo. In another 10 seconds the device will again restart and this time it will flash the stock image.
  • You have successfully created a FlashCast using stock rom. The device is still not rooted that means user will be able to receive updates from Google. To root the device you simply need a Mod to change the root access permissions.

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Install Instructions for Chromecast:

  • Now, You are ready with FlashCast V1.1.1 installed and configured
  • In the second step, rename the zip to and place it in the root folder of FlashCast jump device
  • Connect FlashCast into Chromecast, hold the button and plug in power to boot the device. The flashing process will take approx 6 minutes to complete.
  • Once it is completed the device will restart and you’re done with it. Enjoy!

Noted features 1330 custom ROM offers are:

  • Root SSH/Telnet Access
  • Uses DHCP DNS server
  • Google OTA is  disabled
  • Custom Boot Image
  • PwnedCast OTA update engine and recovery image based on FlashCast V.1.1.1
  • Lots more are coming to 1330 custom stock image …

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