How to Find Erase or Lock a Lost Android Device

These days there are many applications available that can help you to find lost Android devices, as it has built in feature that can be activated when you setup the application for the first time. For an example tracking software’s, premium even few free mobile software programs offers an option to link your Android phone with a web based account. Once the account is setup and tracking software is activated, It can then be used to find erase or lock Android phone.Find, Erase or Lock a Lost Android Device

Apart from those third party programs, Android also has a built in security feature which is know by the name Android Device Manager. Android Device Manager feature can be activated using the device Google Settings app, here select “Android Device Manager”. The Android Device Manager menu will show you options like “Remotely Locate this device” and “Allow remote lock and factory reset”. Once these two options are checked and activated, it will lock, reset or erase Android device remotely.

If you are unable to find Google Settings app in your device then you can use a web browser and browse to Android Device Manager Page, on this page, Google will ask you to enter your email ID and password and once it is done, you are ready to go.

How to Find, Erase or Lock Android device remotely?Find, Erase or Lock a Lost Android Device

If you have misplaced your device, then to find the device:

  • Go to Android Device Manager page by using your username and password
  • On the Android Device Manager page, select the device that you want to find
  • After selecting the device, it will show your device location in around 20 meters on Google, Map, to use this option user need to make sure the GPS location is activated on the device otherwise it is not going to work.

What if you lost your device?  

In this case, login to Android Device Manager page, select the device you want to find, use find option, if that will help you to find your device then its good, else you can try ringing the device or lock it up and no one will be able to use it. Android Device Manager can also be used to erase your data stored on the Android device.

How Android Device Manager works?

During the pairing of your device with Google account, it stores the device IMEI number in its database, IMEI is a unique ID, so even someone find your device he/she is going to link the device to their Google account. At that point, Google Server’s are able to identify to which Google Android Device Manager is was first linked to.

Android Device Manager is a very useful tool for Android devices, if you have not used it so far then give a try to it and share your experience with us.

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