5 Best Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 8.1

Microsoft has announced Windows 8.1 a long time back and recently they have pushed Windows 8.1 Update 1 publicly in April 2014, although it is just a service pack available for Windows 8.1 which is going to remove few glitches that Microsoft has identified, will also add some new features to it and also try to make Windows 8.1 User Interface (UI) more friendly.

As, Windows 8 is altogether a new operating system, there are still many people around the world who are not yet familiar with Windows 8 GUI. So, to improve Windows 8.1 usability or user experience, today we are going to list down best five handy shortcuts that will help to make task easier on Windows 8.1. Catch us after the jump!

Shortcuts in Windows 8.1



A combination of Windows and Scroll key helps user to navigate between New UI apps & desktop programs, the left and scroll key along with Windows button helps to move New UI towards left or right depending upon numbers of apps running in the backend.Shortcuts in Windows 8.1

  • WIN+T:

A start button was added by Microsoft on the desktop UI during its Windows 8.1 update and recently MS decided to go ahead and add the same button to the Start screen too. Well, frankly speaking that Start button is of no use, as still old as well as new user are struggling with Windows 8 and its Start button. So, if you want to bring back taskbar on the Start Screen then simply go ahead and press “Win+T” key and it is will bring the hidden taskbar for you.Shortcuts in Windows 8.1


Escape key helps user to switch over from Start Screen to Desktop. The same switching functionality can even be done using “Win+D” button when you are on Start Screen to switch to Desktop. Even after lots of negative feedback provided by Window 8.1 user, Microsoft is not going to remove new UI from Windows. So, Escape or Win+D are going to help you to navigate b/w the two UI more appropriately.Shortcuts in Windows 8.1

  • WIN+S:

“Win+S” is yet another time saving shortcut that every Windows 8 user should know. This shortcut helps user to search any file across different location, same goes with “Win+W”, it helps user to search settings option that are available in Windows 8.1.Shortcuts in Windows 8.1

  • ALT+ F4:

Alt+F4, yes you read it correct! This shortcut key is going to close any application, if you press ALT+F4 key together. ALT+F4 shortcut has been considered as one of the most used key combination by any Windows enthusiast.Shortcuts in Windows 8.1

There are many other shortcuts available in Windows 8.1 but these five are some of the best. Go ahead and ty it and don’t forget to share your feedback, comments with us!

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