Windows 10 Landing on January 21 2015: Technical Preview, Pricing and More

We remember the day when Microsoft launched Windows 8 and it was a disaster. Windows 8 release affected PC and laptop sales as the Operating System was new in its kind that does not had any resemblance with their previous Operating System family. Microsoft realized this and pushed an update to bring back “Start Button”. Although Start Button was provided by the company but there were many other cons that Windows 8 users were not happy of, so Microsoft decided to bring in Windows 10.

Windows_10Windows 10 will be the first Operating System which will belong to Microsoft One Unified program were in all Windows devices like Windows Phone, Window OS, Xbox will run on One Operating System, that will offer cross over platform feature.

Upcoming Features in Windows 10:

  • New Refreshed Start Menu:

Although the company brought the “Start button” back in Windows 8.1 update but that was not the one which user were looking for. They were expecting those traditional button which brings all application and program at one place. Windows 10 will bring in that traditional Start button with some new UI change i.e. Desktop and Metro App can be seen under one place.

  • Cross-Platform App Compatibility:  

As Microsoft is working on One Unified program that will bring all Windows devices like Windows RT, Windows Phone, Windows OS, Xbox One under one roof. The company wants developers to create single application and port them across other Windows devices.

Also, during BUILD conference Microsoft announced those three platform initiative in which Windows is going to be build based on user device like Mouse-FirstVoice-First or Touch-First. Mouse First belongs to old traditional tablet/desktop, Voice-First will be for Xbox and televisions with large display screen and Touch First will be solely owned by Smartphones and tablets.

  • Native Gesture Support:

Just like Kinect, Microsoft is going to add gesture support in Windows 10 as it will allow users to run OS easily across Mouse, Touch or Voice based device. Also, enabling Kinect like feature in Windows 10 require better processing and graphics hardware and user have to pay $100 to enable this feature on their device, which we believe is not a good idea for just one feature.

  • Updated Metro Design:

Updated Metro Design is also a part of One Unified program which brings in more metro apps that will primarily focus on Charms bar, multi-tasking and desktop search. We remember, to run Metro app smoothly on Windows device a minimum screen resolution was required but in upcoming Windows 10 we are expecting those requirement will be taken off hence will allow desktop user to check in Windows Store app to browse for all those useful apps.

  • Notification Center:

A Notification Center is coming to Windows 10 which will sit in System Tray along with Taskbar. All Metro apps will sit together app by app and can be dismissed individually or all at once. As both Metro and Desktop app will appear together hence it will increase the size of the Notification Center. By the time Windows 10 will be released Microsoft will improve this feature so that it will look good with basic but pretty interface.  

  • Cortona Support: Microsoft Virtual Assistant App:

Cortona is voice based assistant tool that is currently available only for Windows Phone. Adding Cortona support to the Windows OS will allow users to guide the OS according to their requirement also it will appear as an app that means user can turn on/off the application when they want.

Windows 9 Landing on September 30

Windows 10 Pricing:

As Microsoft counterpart, Apple is offering free OS X upgrade to all Mac users who are running on older version. Those OS upgrade will allow Mac users to run latest version of OS X. Microsoft is still planning to decide the pricing for Windows 10, they are also planning to offer possibly a free update for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 users. There is no word for Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 users whether they are also going to get this for free or not.

According to various but reliable sources it has been confirmed that Microsoft is going to release Windows 10 on January 21, 2015 as final build.

We will keep updating this, till then stay tuned to TechDistinct for updates.


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