Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Are you on any of these social networks : Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Salesforce? Or are you on all of them and find it...

The final build of CyanogenMod 9 music app is here; despite of the final custom CM9 ROM is not available for now and is...

Recently, Galaxy Nexus was launched and Google pushed many new updates to it officially. As being the first device of its kind to receive...

Being Android an open source OS, it has helped many developers to explore the OS and discover new tweaks, develop new app for it....

When Google introduces its movie rental services into the Google video application and in the Android Market, at that time the rooted devices were not able to rent a movie via this service and they were pretty disappointed. The users with rooted Android devices were not able to use this streaming service. Although it make sense because the non-rooted devices are only one who were enjoying the streaming service and this kind of services was specially launched by Google to block rooted devices to access the streaming content.

A new app has been developed by a team from University of California, which helps protect Facebook users from all kinds of spam and malware. It is free to install and aims at protecting Facebook users from any kind of malicious attacks and spam. It could benefit a large number of Facebook users, amounting to about 500 million worldwide.

If you are an owner of PlayStation 3 or Personal Computer and want to control your either of this devices with Google powered Android device, then checkout BlueputDroid application. This app is designed to make your Android device work like a remote mouse and keyboard for PlayStation 3 or a Personal Computer.

The biggest social networking website in the world, Facebook has added to our daily routine; we don’t miss a day to check our Facebook account. Whether, different people use to for different purpose but in directly the purpose of networking remain the same.

LG’s very own P990 (Optimus 2x) and LG P999 (G2x) have now got their respective official CyanogenMod 7 builds. CyanogenMod 7, as most of us already know, is a powerful custom ROM tool to better the performance of Android phones.

Internet user’s browsing habits are being gathered by Facebook through their like-button. Already Facebook’s privacy rules have been a cause of worry for many users.