How to Mine Bitcoin Gold

How to Mine Bitcoin Gold[BTG]: Step By Step Guide

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the world on 25-oct-2017 was splitted as Bitcoin Gold[BTG]. Before Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin was splitted as Bitcoin Cash[BCH] and Segwit 2X[B2x]. The bitcoin was forked earlier as well, what makes Bitcoin Gold unique as compared to BCH or B2X is, this new cryptocurrency will be based on PoW algorithm, Equihash, […]

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Android 8.0 Oreo

Customize Battery Saver Mode in Android 8.0 Oreo

Battery Saver Mode in Android Oreo 8.0 can help users to save more battery by disabling, tweaking the settings in the device. This method requires basic measures to optimize the settings. User can change settings from disabling vibration while phone on/off process, disabling animation when it is not needed, tweaking settings while using phone when […]

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disable amp

Disable AMP on Mobile Devices

AMP is widely criticised by users and Google Publishers worldwide. The reason for this is AMP doesn’t show the original URL of the page on mobile devices nor it offers an option on the Google search itself to pick the original URL. This problem causes an issue when a user wants to share original URL. […]

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What WordPress theme is that?

How to Tell What WordPress Theme A Website Using

WordPress is world’s best and most popular CMS tool available in the market. When WordPress first came into existence it was designed for blogs. But, it became the most popular platform and is currently used worldwide by many big companies. All WP sites offer many features to customize look and feel of the site by using […]

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Windows 10 Creators Update

How to Install Windows 10 Creators Update

On April 10, Microsoft rolled out Creators Update for Windows 10 OS. The update is rolled out in phased manner and it will be made available to all users depending upon their geo-location. There are two ways to install Windows 10 Creators Update: Using Windows update, Creators Update will be offered via Windows default update option in a […]

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