Run Android Application on Other Phones with Alien Dalvik

Myriad, a mobile technology company, announced a new software; Alien Dalvik, that will allow users to run Android applications on non-Android devices.

This software will allow hosting all Android apps on wide range of non-Android based phones. Hence making it possible for non- android platform users to taste the Android apps, in return this app will bring a new revenue earning opportunity for mobile operators OEMs and for application store owners.Run Android Application on other phones with Alien Dalvik

Alien Dalvik will be capable of running android application to run on platform like Meego. The software will let users to run any application unmodified and hence making it possible especially for app store owners and mobile operator to kick start their service by just repacking Android Package (APK) files.

Alien Myriad will be launched for the first time in Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona.

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