Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet Readying for 2012 Release?

Recently, a roadmap of Dell was leaked and within it their was some gem, that notify us what company is planning to do with its portable devices. From one of the items listed in Dell roadmap, was a Windows 8 product that was set to launch in early 2012.

The announcement for the release of Windows 8 was made 2 years since the launch of Windows 7, which came in 2009. If everything planned by Microsoft goes smoothly then we can expect Windows 8 on time.

Although, Windows 8 is a whole new concept and as it is a major change that will take considerable more time to finish and test. Windows 8 will come in two different versions. There is a system on a chip architectures from ARM and Intel. With this in mind, the reason for a January 2012 date on the timeline could be very well be that this is a proposed announcement date to an actual release

In January, at the Consumer Electronics Show Event, Dell may make announcements by showcasing the prototype of a Windows 8 based tablet. As from past events, we have seen that the prototypes are often brought to the table during these events, but the actual launch date is several months down the road. In fact , we may not even see a Windows 8 based Dell tablet in the holiday season of 2012.

So, if this was the case, then it would be nothing unusual as Windows Vista made an appearance at the January CES event 2006, but the manufacturers didn’t get their hands-on until November 2006, while the retail customer had to wait until January 2007.

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Via [Business Insider]

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