Samsung Accidently Revealed Galaxy Note 10.1 Along with Wave 3 & Wave Y

Accidently, Samsung’s official website has revealed name of the products that Samsung is going to launch in the upcoming Samsung Developer Day at MWC 2012 event. The devices that are expected to be announced in the MWC event includes: Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung Wave 3 and Wave Y Bada phones.

Samsung Accidently Revealed Galaxy Note 10.1 Along with Wave 3 & Wave Y

Well, it seems that after the huge popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3” device, Samsung is all set to bring next so called successor of the device with some added features. Just like Galaxy Note 5.3 inch has S-Pen feature, Samsung has also added S-Pen to Galaxy Note 10.1 too.

Other devices like Wave 3 and Wave Y are also a successor device of their family, for example first Samsung launched Wave device running on home grown OS, Bada and after its huge popularity Samsung pushed Wave 2 and now here comes Wave 3. And same is the story for Wave Y.

However, Samsung is going to focus mainly on Software Development Kit (SDK) for S-Pen technology along with Bada OS v2.0 and Wacom, the home grown inductive stylus in this MWC event. But, Bada v2.0 is the next big thing after MWC on which Samsung is mainly going to focus.

In another leaked image, Samsung has said that a Teen student is going to use Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to test the device by taking pictures, recording and editing the pictures that are taken. The Ozcam US is casting a commercial, which will show a Galaxy Note 10.1 used for education, financial planning and art categories.

Samsung Accidently Revealed Galaxy Note 10.1 Along with Wave 3 & Wave Y

The Mobile World Congress 2012 is going to be held in Barcelona in between 27 February-1 March, this year and along with Samsung; other handset and OS manufactures are also going to reveal new products and road maps for some of their products that are going to be launched later this year.  For now we’ve this much to say, we’ll keep on updating the blog further once we came to know some more information about the same.

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